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The Story

'Let's Go Below The Rainbow' is a love story between two girls, Meaghan and Louise, who question some mainstream religious views that pose a threat to their romantic relationship.


Meaghan, who is disowned by her parents for her sexuality, pretends to have been made straight through religious conversion therapy. She is confronted by Louise, who is openly gay and is passionately in love with Meaghan. Meaghan loves Louise as well but tries hard to hide her feelings.

Will their love triumph against the hurdles, threats and scare campaigns by the so-called 'believers'?

'Let's Go Below The Rainbow' is a philosophy of life told in the form of a narrative feature, glazed with a lesbian love story. Through the desires, pleasures, pains and tribulations of two lovers, Meaghan and Louise, the story raises some provocative questions about religious concepts of sin, heaven, hell, and sexuality and calls for deeper thinking and reasoning.




“What a great movie...wasn't expecting the turn towards the end, however. It so resonated with me as it's partly my story in my very rigid southern Baptist family.”

Darline. L. USA

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