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Julian Karikalan

The Storyteller

Julian Karikalan is an award-winning, Indian-born Australian filmmaker, screenwriter, and storyteller based in Sydney, Australia. His first filmmaking expedition, "Love and Love Only", completed on a microbudget, has been well-received by audiences and marks the storyteller’s entry into the film Industry. It created a strong impact and unique appeal to a global audience who formed a deep connection with its characters. The movie is available worldwide on various platforms, including Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Tubi, and Plex. 

"Let's Go Below The Rainbow" is his second filmmaking expedition on a microbudget. The film was inspired by the storyteller's quest in delving deeper into the conversation of the intersection of sexual orientation, religiosity, and societal reactions as well as highlighting a few under-catered yet pressing social issues. The entire project was completed with Julian Karikalan as a 'One-Person Crew' taking care of every aspect of the filmmaking process from script to screen. 

Julian Karikalan

The Cast

Phillyda Murphy

Rod Power

Komal Khubani

as Louise

as Meaghan

as Dr. Abraham

as Anita

PJ Dale


Rushi Dave

Rushi Dave

Rushi Dave

Shikha Arora

Bronte Tonks

Matthew Gardener

as Anita's Dad

as Anita's Mum

as Emy

as Matt

Janette Hancock

as Louise's Mum

Janette Hancock

as Louise's Mum

Bryan Cork

as Louise's Dad

Alison Bow

as Esther

Alexa Evans

as Lecturer

Jackie Yammine

as Doctor

Taylor Musa

as Taylor

Alex Amditis

as Alex

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